Eat less sugar, you are already sweet enough. That’s right! Sugar wouldn’t add sweetness to your teeth but the opposite. No doubt, teeth care is essential and represents a bright smile. No wonder most of the people take good care of their teeth, by brushing and using mouthwash, and many other things to keep them healthy. We know how much our teeth are important for our overall personality. What is the common reason behind tooth decay and mouth diseases? Well, the right answer might hide inside your fridge! This article will help you maintain a good oral health by picking the good stuff wisely and avoid the bad ones. Think of this as a healthy food shopping guide when visiting a Canadian grocery store.

Why Healthy Food?

Many grocery we shop daily are not really “healthy food” and may affect our teeth in specific and our body in general. The only difference between your frequent visits to the dental clinic and a healthy smile is the selection of diet. Even if you follow a proper oral health hygiene routine, if your diet is not healthy, your teeth could suffer. If you are suffering from any teeth problem and want to visit the best dental office in Milton, then luckily, you have come to the right place. Food can impact your smile in bad way, and you should meet the food pyramid guidelines. Always consider filling your cart with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean meat, fish, poultry, beans, and nuts. We are bringing this for your oral health and teeth to help you pick health food when you do grocery shopping. Here’s a list that will make it easy for you to pick healthy food while visiting a grocery store.

Food Rich in Calcium and Phosphorus

The foods like yogurt, cheese, seafood, and milk are a great source of calcium. Similarly, pumpkin seed, fish, red meat, tofu, eggs are excellent sources of phosphorus. Both these elements are the building blocks of enamel. So consuming foods which are rich in calcium and phosphorus can help you protect the teeth enamel and make them strong.

Firm and Crunchy Food

Well, the thing to know is hard and crunchy foods contain a lot of water. The reason is by chewing; your mouth produces more saliva, a natural neutralizer of bacteria. Secondly, the texture of firm and crunchy foods make them abrasive. That’s mean they gently scrub your teeth surface and remove plague. The food should be raw fruits and vegetables instead of chips and crackers.

Consider buying apple, cucumbers, carrots and related veges in your shopping list, these items are firm and crunchy foods and perfect for the daily body nutrients requirements.

Foods rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols, and arginine

These are some of the elements that could be beneficial for your oral health. However, the most helpful and needed element among all is anthocyanins. It may help you to remove the layer of plaque on your teeth and fight against oral cancer. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of cavities.

Similarly, Polyphenols works to prevent teeth from gum diseases. So the foods that should be in your grocery cart are berries, tea, cocoa, grapes, plums, and cherries as these are rich in anthocyanins. Meat, Nuts, and Soya are excellent sources of arginine.

The Conclusion About Healthy Food

If you aim to have a perfect smile,there are some food you may want to have and some must avoid. Your teeth, gums and every part of the body need proper nutrition to function in a perfect manner. However, there is some food which is nutrient rich and very beneficial for your oral health. Moreover, our dentist at Milton Central Family Dentistry would love to answer all your questions while you do a regular check-up, contact us for an appointment.