Keep an eye on your kids’ sugar in The Summer

Kids eat five times more sugar in summer. Ahead of the long school holidays, we surveyed parents to find out how kids’ diets change over summer. According to the 1,000 parents, we asked, children could be eating up to five times as much sugar in summer! That’s a huge increase, which many blamed on the extra ice creams, ice-lollies and sugary drinks they eat. Worryingly, the increase in sugar also coincides with a time when kids are less likely to look after their teeth. A fifth of parents believes their child’s oral care declines in the weeks off school, with the majority claiming it’s easier to forget to brush teeth when not in the usual routine. And 40 percent of parents confess to forgetting to check whether their child has brushed their teeth or not. This all means that summer is an important time to take kids for their regular check-up with the dentist. After a long period of increased sugar intake, the summer holidays are one of the most vital times of year to book a check-up for your children. Children’s appointments are free and where appropriate include a fluoride varnish treatment that can help protect against decay. According to data published by Public Health England, every ten minutes a child in England has a tooth removed in the hospital due to preventable decay. Tooth extraction also remains the most common reason for hospital admissions in 5 to 9-year olds, and according to NHS data, only 58 percent of kids saw a dentist. Without the school routine it’s easy for kids to fall out of their good oral hygiene and diet habits, perhaps brushing less and eating more sweet treats. This can be bad news for young teeth as even short periods of increased sugar intake have the potential to cause decay without a good brushing technique. Kids are entitled to free check-ups on the NHS and the holidays are the ideal time to take them. As well as checking their teeth your dentist can provide a protective fluoride treatment, if necessary, plus tips on teeth friendly snacks and brushing routine. You can begin taking your child for check-ups as soon as their first tooth appears or by age 1, whichever is sooner.

Experience & Knowledge Of Orthodontic Specialists

Would you want a general dentist who is relatively inexperienced in orthodontic treatment to carry out dental work that will have a lifetime impact and potentially cost thousands of pounds, or a specialist in orthodontics?

To put it another way, when you go to an expensive restaurant do you want the head chef to be cooking your meal or someone just out of catering college?

Experience translates into having seen hundreds of patients, having encountered the same challenges many times before and knowing the best course of action in every situation.

Whereas an orthodontist will have studied for an additional three years after becoming a general dentist (or in one of our own orthodontist’s case, three years on top of these three years to gain a PhD) the general dentist will only need to have undertaken a short course to provide additional treatments.

Experience also means being able to talk patients through the available options, what the process will entail and being able to answer any concerns and queries.

Many general dentists are now able to provide Invisalign treatment (a near transparent alternative to braces), so does this mean going to see a general dentist is just as good as seeing an orthodontist for teeth straightening?

An experienced orthodontist will not only be able to carry out a thorough assessment of the work required on your teeth but they will also know what the best treatment for you is, not just what an acceptable treatment may be.

This is the result of those three extra years studying. Along with experience, it creates expertise: a deep level of knowledge and familiarity with orthodontic principles and practices.

Teeth alignment

To use an example, if a patient requires some teeth to be realigned, the easiest option might be to remove teeth to create the space for the realignment.

This might not be the best treatment though. Removal of teeth could lead to problems in future, including a tightening of the face and signs of premature ageing; a rushed decision in youth could have consequences in older age.

Given the potential long-term difference between visiting a specialist Ontario orthodontist or not, we cannot understand why a patient would forego the chance to consult with an expert.

What is Dental Surgery’s level of experience? With almost 90,000 consultations booked and approaching 30 years’ operating as a leading Milton practice, we have successfully treated hundreds of orthodontic patients of all ages.

Reputation: The practice and the orthodontist
Experience counts. The quality of equipment is a huge consideration. The ethos of the practice is a key factor, as is the quality of the individual orthodontist.

But the reputation shows what other patients thought of the practice as a whole and their experience during treatments; honest reviews highlight whether the practice actually delivers on the promises made on their website or in their marketing material.

At The Dental Surgery, our reputation is unmatched. At the time of writing, we have an average rating above 4.9 out of 5 from our many independent Google reviews.

If you read the reviews you will notice how patients mention not just the quality of the dental work, but also the atmosphere and ethos of the practice – how patients are put at ease and how it is actually a pleasure to see the dentist!

Patient benefits

At a practice such as The Dental Surgery, patients also benefit from having all specialisms under the same roof, whether that is hygienists, general dentists or orthodontists.

A patient with braces can visit the hygienist for a level of cleaning that is hard to achieve at home.

Staff also consult with each other to ensure the best outcome for a patient, for instance, an orthodontist can consult with other experts if further treatments such as veneers or white-spot removal are required to achieve the very best smile.

Speaking of the individuals who work at the Dental Surgery, our orthodontists have had work published in leading dental journals and spoken at international conferences. You can read the biographies of our talented team on our website.

Many other Ontario orthodontic practices have excellent reputations too. Whoever you are considering, ensure they have a high level of independent reviews then take the time to read through what previous patients have written.

Transparency: Pricing and orthodontic treatments
Transparency can mean two things when it comes to orthodontics.

It can be a literal transparent solution to teeth realignment, such as the Invisalign treatments of which our orthodontists are approved, practitioners.

Invisalign is a wonderful option for patients who would traditionally have required braces but want a less visible alternative. (See our post: How Invisible Braces Work)

Transparency also relates to pricing. At the Dental Surgery, we believe in being as open as possible with our prices, which is why we keep details of the costs of treatments, appointments and more on our website.

Compare costs

This transparency enables you to compare the cost of initial orthodontic consultations in Milton Ontario, (and what these include) across different practices, helping you make an informed decision. Do be aware of potential hidden fees such as X-rays or who the consultation is with (is it an orthodontic specialist or a nurse or orthodontic therapist?), to be sure you are getting a true comparison.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to provide a guide figure for how many orthodontic treatments such as braces or Invisalign might cost; each patient will have different requirements depending on their oral health, placement of teeth and bite, and even their lifestyle, and so the overall cost will vary.

However, an initial consultation will enable the experienced orthodontist to recommend a course of action, or different options, with exact details of how much these treatments will cost and any payment, plans to help with these costs. At the Dental Surgery, we offer a payment plan whereby half the fee for orthodontic work can be paid at the start of treatment, with the remainder paid over 10 months at 0% interest.

Setting and atmosphere of the Orthodontic Practice
If you are paying thousands of pounds for orthodontic treatments in Milton, does the atmosphere and ethos of the practice matter?

We would argue it matters greatly – the patient might be making many, repeated visits.

These should be enjoyable, the patient should be put at ease and the setting should be calming and friendly.

The atmosphere is also created by those working there. At The Dental Surgery, people talk of it being a fun place to work – yes the work is serious, but it is also important to create a place where everyone, be that the patients or those working here, want to be.

Nervous patients

Our team are also experts in helping nervous patients, those with a natural fear of the dentist or orthodontic work, be as comfortable as possible during treatment.

This experience is a result of having orthodontists with specific interests in working with nervous patients, including children, changing what could be a negative experience into one they enjoy as they see the long-term benefits of the change.

How Your Dentist Can Help With Your Snoring

Snoring might seem a fairly mundane problem but it can profoundly affect you (and your partner) and greatly diminish your overall quality of life.

Snoring can be a sign of other issues, and it can also have a far greater effect on your quality of sleep than you might have imagined.

Anyone who snores regularly should have a medical appointment to talk through the issue and try to get to the cause of the problem. It should be taken more seriously than just being a bit of unwanted noise at night.

A trip to your GP might be a sensible first option for a diagnosis, but there can also be helpful at hand via your dental surgery if you are aware that you suffer from sleep apnoea.

Why snoring could be a sign of a greater problem.

Snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, where the tissues in the neck “collapse” during sleep, which automatically leads to the sufferer waking up with a start and often a loud snore.

Several of these incidents can occur every night, yet the person suffering from sleep apnoea is not aware of anything other than waking up feeling devoid of energy and more than just a little tired.

The symptoms include snoring, excessive tiredness and other characteristics that go with long-term fatigue – irritability, anxiety or depression and forgetfulness among them.

Snoring Dental Devices

How Your Dentist Can Help with Snoring, The Dental SurgerySeeing your GP would be the first step to diagnose sleep apnoea, but treatment could well then be through a dentist.

We would make a specialist mandibular advancement device.

This is a bespoke mouth guard that fits comfortably over your teeth but holds the lower jaw and tongue forward, preventing the temporary collapse of tissue that leads to the sudden waking.

Difference between Dental and off the shelf Snoring Devices
It is worth noting that although these devices can be bought over the counter or online they will then not fit properly and so they will either be ineffective or uncomfortable and are likely to be a waste of money.

A dental practice would take an impression of your mouth to create a bespoke device that fits perfectly.

A dental surgery would also be able to factor in any other complications such as any gum disease or misalignment of teeth and create a mandibular advancement device that is suitable.

Other reasons to see a dentist when you suffer from snoring, How Your Dentist Can Help with Snoring, The Dental SurgerySnoring can also have other knock-on effects. Even if snoring is not a sign of sleep apnoea, there are still side effects of snoring that a dentist can help with. Since snoring has a person sleeping with their mouth open, this can lead to dry mouth due to the lack of saliva which in turn leads to bad breath. It has also been linked to other issues such as burning mouth syndrome and even gum disease. It is only by having regular check-ups that early signs of any gum issues can be spotted. This is important in making sure the relatively minor and easily treatable gingivitis does not progress into the far more problematic periodontitis – full-blown gum disease that leads to the loss of bone.

Snoring can also lead to teeth grinding – the National Sleep Foundation claims that nearly one in four people with obstructive sleep apnea grind their teeth at night. This again might mean that sleeping wearing a specialist mouth guard is recommended to avoid damage to the teeth.

Snoring can also have other knock-on effects. Even if you don’t suffer from sleep apnoea, snoring is still likely to lead to a bad night’s sleep and this, in turn, can lead to stress – stress then being linked to a whole range of conditions ranging from heart disease to gum disease. Of course, solving snoring does not make someone immune from serious health complaints, but it does remove a potential contributory factor.

Make it part of your standard check-up

Snoring might be a sign of something a bit more serious (but easily treatable) such as sleep apnoea, or it might just be an annoyance in itself.

While there might be no need to rush to see your GP or dentist, it is something to get checked out.

You should certainly mention snoring at your next regular check-up so that the dentist can check for any signs that it might be damaging your oral health and take steps accordingly.

Other Ways to Tackle Snoring

There are other advisable practices that can help you tackle snoring – all without resorting to pouring cold water on your partner to wake them up and stop the noise…

Turning off all electronic screens an hour or so before bed helps the brain relax, so too does avoiding all caffeinated drinks and foods that are fatty or spicy.

Getting some exercise during the day is beneficial, so too venturing outside to get natural sunlight – even if office bound for the day it is important to get fresh air.

We provide a wide range of dental treatments from mouthguards for snoring and grinding through to cosmetic dentistry and treating gum disease.

Getting the Most From Your Dental Checkup

Getting the Most From Your Dental Checkup

Maintaining good oral health is highly essential to the overall health of any person. Besides daily brushing and flossing, you can help protect your oral health by visiting your dentist regularly for checkups. And, based on your dental health history, your dentist may propose more frequent or fewer visits, but it is recommended that most people get a dental checkup every six months.

What to Expect in a Typical Dental Checkup

Not all dentists operate the same way, but a typical dental checkup involves:

Cleaning and Polishing

The first thing is cleaning and polishing. Here, the dentist will use a hand scaler to scrape and remove the tartar from your teeth and then polish your teeth using a rotating rubber cup or brush to remove any leftover plaque or stains.

Comprehensive/Periodical Examination

After the cleaning, the dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth. This is to check for any changes or signs of a problem such as a cavity or gum disease or early signs of oral cancer. In a comprehensive examination, the dentist thoroughly examines your mouth, head and neck and at the end discuss you medical history with you and educate you on the right thing you need to do for your dental health.


As part of the examination, the dentist may decide to take X-rays of your teeth to check for any decay, gum disease, or other dental problems. He or she may also probe further to measure the pockets between your teeth and gums, poke an explorer tool at your teeth to know if any cavities are present, and use the mouth mirror get a better view of the sides and back of your teeth. If it is discovered that you have any visible problems, your dentist may recommend a further treatment or refer you to another specialist, such as a periodontist or orthodontist.


After the examination, your dentist will discuss with you any dental hygiene problems he or she has detected and if necessary, educate you on how to brush and floss more effectively.

How to Get the Best of Dental Checkup

To get the most out of your dental checkup, always ensure to do the following:

  • Communicate in a timely manner, any concerns or problems you are having with your dentist. Quickly report any problems or changes you’ve noticed with your teeth, gums, or the inside of your mouth – the earlier the dentist knows about this, the earlier he or she can diagnose and treat it.
  • Inform your dentist of any new health problems you have been diagnosed with since your last visit e.g. diabetes, heart-related disease, etc.
  • Take with you to the checkup list of all medications and supplements you take, including their dosages for the dentist to review them.
What’s The Average Cost For A Dental Treatment In Milton

What’s The Average Cost For A Dental Treatment In Milton

Dental office clinics have mastered the art and science of dentistry. At Milton Central dental office, we aim to provide those services of dentistry that are beneficial, valuable and reasonable. From meek regular check-ups to complex cosmetic changes, Milton Central is always here to welcome you and your worries. Our magic is to wash those worries away with care and craft.

Satisfactory Services at Milton Central

Our services focus on relieving your pain and reassuring you from your worries. So, no matter what your challenge is, we face and fend it off together at our dental office. We are your one stop solution in the small households of Milton.

Our dental services include:

General Dentist Solutions

  1. Cleaning of teeth: Cleaning is a follow-up process of examining teeth for potential threats. These threats include a cavity, weakened jaw, and gums along with tooth decay. Without insurance, the cost of this process is $130.
  2. Fluoride treatment: Fluoride has changed the face of dentistry by heightening its importance that, at any cost, must not be neglected. This little mineral strengthens your teeth, fights off the acid in your consumption and rebuilds the fading enamel. Our treatments are priced around $35-40 for various methods of fluoride application to help in the removal of all your dental worries.

Orthodontic Treatments

  1. Invisalign/Teeth Alignment: The little and traditional method to overcome teeth misalignment is braces. And we know how tremendously painful it is. Invisalign is an innovative approach to the conventional method. It is majorly used to straighten your teeth without the use of metal braces. It costs you anywhere around $4000.
  2. Teeth guards: We’ve been visited by patients who have faced injuries due to external and physical damage to their teeth. That is either due to falling and injuring their teeth during sports or our secret rebels who grind their teeth involuntarily at night. Our special night and sports guards have been developed to resolve this issue. At $750, get yourself the deserved protection against bruxism and $500 for a simple sports guard.

Specialty Services and Solutions to all your Worries

  1. Full mouth restoration: After reaching a certain age or even before, due to unfortunate events, a few patients lose all of their teeth to decay and cavities. We offer careful and practical solutions for restoration and regrowth of teeth. Our dentist at Milton Central will perform basic crown procedures for $400, or root canals at a price of $150.
  2. Cosmetic restoration: A cosmetic dental requirement is done to bring back the original and initial structure of the tooth. Our innovative answers for the otherwise excruciating processes are effortlessly mastered on you to restore the happiness in your smile. Health risks will be conveyed before the procedure, and proper guidance is provided for the same, soon after. This process costs you around $900 for a basic package.

If you’re looking for dental solutions in the Milton area, then Milton Central can be your best choice. Our dental services are intuitive and are administered in the friendliest of atmospheres. For a healthy and vibrant smile, visit Milton Central now.

Dental implant cost in Milton

Dental implant cost in Milton

The Dentistry world is no more limited to just teeth whitening and restoring the sweet tooth. It has transformed immensely just like any other technology. Gone are the days when people used to visit the dentist for curing toothaches. Today the dentistry sector is known for doing wonders to your teeth. Dental care now focuses on the minute details and understands the architecture of your mouth. Therefore, it offers you simple cosmetic work, restoration facilities, and even dental implants. It is no more impossible to enhance your smile with entirely new sets of teeth.

Dental Implants are reliable

Are you struggling to protect your natural tooth? Is the dental care no longer an option? No worries, because dental implants are the new saviour in the dentist’s town. Outpacing the dentures, conventional crowns and bridges popularity, the dental implants are the new safe teeth restoring technique. These are more advantageous and reliable methods over the traditional ones. Dental implants are a perfect match when a single tooth is missing or multiple ones. These require just a small dose of anesthesia preventing high dosage dental issues.

Structure Of The Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment is the specialty of our dentists in Milton Central. Call us today or book an appointment online for a free consultation.

Cost of Dental Implants in Milton

The cost of dental implants may vary from dentistry to dentistry. Dental implants are replacements for your lost tooth. Investing in this will cost you some bucks. However, the cost depends on a couple of factors. The number of teeth to be operated, the existing condition of the gums and depth of surgery are a few to mention out. The integrated process involved and your desired procedure may also come in consideration when deciding dental implants prices. The completion of the surgery involved may require a single day at times or even a few months. That solely depends on your dentist and the patient he is examining.

However, the starting cost of dental implants ranges in and around $1399 in Milton. Choosing an experienced and trusted dentist is more important. You don’t want to visit frequently for the same problem. The cost fluctuates according to that as well. Health always trails over wealth. That is why one-time investment for a quality dental implants sounds convincing. Milton Dentistry values your money and concern. It provides free consultations for dental implants. We believe the satisfaction and trust of our clients are instrumental in our growth. Our dentistry offers you an affordable and cost-effective treatment.

Teeth dental implant illustration

Milton Dentistry serves you the best

The Dental office in Milton expertise’s in advanced dental implants. The principles of honesty, affordability, and quality are the reason behind their success story. A comfort level with your dentist is highly required for an effective treatment. We, here at Milton Dentistry not only indulges in treating our patients but provide consultations as well. We assure you a warm and relaxing visit with our friendly interior. We have been in the service of all age groups for 30 years. The best advice and decision making are the return gifts for our clients.