Dental office clinics have mastered the art and science of dentistry. At Milton Central dental office, we aim to provide those services of dentistry that are beneficial, valuable and reasonable. From meek regular check-ups to complex cosmetic changes, Milton Central is always here to welcome you and your worries. Our magic is to wash those worries away with care and craft.

Satisfactory Services at Milton Central

Our services focus on relieving your pain and reassuring you from your worries. So, no matter what your challenge is, we face and fend it off together at our dental office. We are your one stop solution in the small households of Milton.

Our dental services include:

General Dentist Solutions

  1. Cleaning of teeth: Cleaning is a follow-up process of examining teeth for potential threats. These threats include a cavity, weakened jaw, and gums along with tooth decay. Without insurance, the cost of this process is $130.
  2. Fluoride treatment: Fluoride has changed the face of dentistry by heightening its importance that, at any cost, must not be neglected. This little mineral strengthens your teeth, fights off the acid in your consumption and rebuilds the fading enamel. Our treatments are priced around $35-40 for various methods of fluoride application to help in the removal of all your dental worries.

Orthodontic Treatments

  1. Invisalign/Teeth Alignment: The little and traditional method to overcome teeth misalignment is braces. And we know how tremendously painful it is. Invisalign is an innovative approach to the conventional method. It is majorly used to straighten your teeth without the use of metal braces. It costs you anywhere around $4000.
  2. Teeth guards: We’ve been visited by patients who have faced injuries due to external and physical damage to their teeth. That is either due to falling and injuring their teeth during sports or our secret rebels who grind their teeth involuntarily at night. Our special night and sports guards have been developed to resolve this issue. At $750, get yourself the deserved protection against bruxism and $500 for a simple sports guard.

Specialty Services and Solutions to all your Worries

  1. Full mouth restoration: After reaching a certain age or even before, due to unfortunate events, a few patients lose all of their teeth to decay and cavities. We offer careful and practical solutions for restoration and regrowth of teeth. Our dentist at Milton Central will perform basic crown procedures for $400, or root canals at a price of $150.
  2. Cosmetic restoration: A cosmetic dental requirement is done to bring back the original and initial structure of the tooth. Our innovative answers for the otherwise excruciating processes are effortlessly mastered on you to restore the happiness in your smile. Health risks will be conveyed before the procedure, and proper guidance is provided for the same, soon after. This process costs you around $900 for a basic package.

If you’re looking for dental solutions in the Milton area, then Milton Central can be your best choice. Our dental services are intuitive and are administered in the friendliest of atmospheres. For a healthy and vibrant smile, visit Milton Central now.