Melani Castro

Registered Dental Hygienist

I’ve been in the dental profession for 20 years as internationally trained professional in the field of pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and hospital dentistry. I worked with teams of medical and dental professionals. I have a strong background in office management as I used to manage my own dental clinics. I’ve been practicing as Registered Dental Hygienist in Canada for 5 years. These qualities are my strength to help achieve the vision of Milton Central Family Dentistry and apply my skills and knowledge in evaluating individual’s health history and oral health care on various spheres of pre-procedure care, in-office treatment and post-procedure care. I’m committed to improve my profession as an oral health care specialist. After work, I spend my time taking care of my family and do gardening, baking or reading.”

Melani Castro, Registered Dental Hygienist